Tuesday 7 April 2015

4 of the best TV series' on Netflix right now...

It's no secret that I'm a Netflix addict - seriously, it's a huge problem. I'm known to spend an entire day binge-watching shows surrounded by remnants of chocolate wrappers and Mcdonalds. 
It's a wonderful life.
Anyway, I thought I'd share a handful of the TV shows I've been obsessed with over the past few months - and by obsessed I mean spent 8 straight hours watching. 
Yeah I know, I know. 

Grimm - I freakin love Grimm. It's based loosely on the old Brothers' Grimm tales and follows the life of Nick Burkhardt - a Portland homicide Detective and 'Grimm'. With the help of friends Monroe, Rosalee and Juliette and his partner Hank, Nick must rid the world of evil Wesen whilst maintaining a normal life as an Oregon Cop. Not to mention, David Giuntoli is beautiful. 

Pretty Little Liars - A given really. It's impossible to watch this show and not become completely hooked. Who is -A? Are they -A? is she -A? Am I -A? - you just never know! It's nerve-wracking to watch Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily get caught up in lie after lie trying to work out -A's identity whilst keeping up appearances with their families and peers. A must watch.

Bates Motel - If you've not watched Psycho then you may not entirely understand the plot line, but it's still worth watching even if you haven't. It centres around Norman Bates and his close (if not strange) relationship with his mother Norma and their newly purchased motel. I can't say too much without giving a majority away but it's entertaining and full of suspense, especially with the added characters of Norman's brother Dylan and local Sheriff Romero. If you like gritty drama's then this one is for you.

Once Upon a Time - Not one I've given my full attention to just yet, I've watched a couple of episodes but I've not binge-watched it since I'm still catching up with Grimm but it seems to be right up my street. Set in the fictional town of Storybrooke, Maine residents are actually fairytale characters that have been placed in the 'real world' and robbed of all their memories by the evil Queen. I can't wait to get into this one - especially since they've just introduced Elsa in season 4. 

Just a few suggestions in case you're looking for something new to get into - or get completely hooked on, like me. 



  1. Aaaaah I love PLL and Once Upon A Time! Currently catching up with them both on Netflix! Fab choices x

    Always, Alice x


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