Wednesday 8 April 2015

An Unexpected Brow Fixer-Upper.

So when I first saw Charlotte from Style & Splurging say that she'd recently started using this through her brows I had to stop myself from commenting 'Girl, you be kray!'. 
However, she'd heard from another blogger that it was a dupe for the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade so I figured I'd give it a go since I already had it in my collection.
I'll tell you one thing - Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in 'Permanent Taupe'  is a fabulous brow product for those of the lighter brow persuasion. I can't believe I never thought to use it through them earlier. It lasts all day, is easy to apply and makes my brows look neat and angular. 
I'm actually pleasantly surprised since I didn't have much use for it before, it's nice to know I can get the mileage from it in my brows rather than on my lids. 

It just goes to show that thinking outside of the box really does have it's benefits.



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