Monday 29 September 2014

10 Beauty Hacks every girl should know.

Beauty Hacks are tips and tricks that every girl should have at least a few of up her sleeve. Makeup shortcuts are a must when it comes to spending too long in bed in the morning or having little time to get ready for a night out after work. Beauty Hacks can also save you money if you're creative enough to think of ways to re-use things - or savvy enough to check online. Listed below are a few of my favourite hacks that I tend to use on a pretty much weekly basis.

De-potted candles - Rather than throwing away the glass pots, take out the wax, give them a quick clean and store things in them. I like to house cotton buds and cotton pads in mine.

Lip balm as highlighter - Adds a softer, more dewier effect to the cheekbones – probably best not to use a tinted one though.

Wiping lips from inside out - No one likes the lipstick-on-teeth look, so stick your finger in your mouth and pull. Any excess lipstick that’s creeped in will be stuck to your finger and not your nashers.

Baby powder as dry shampoo - Works the same way as dry shampoo by soaking up any excess oils on the scalp. Only it has no scent and make sure to use it in small doses – the obvious white roots aintcho friend girl!

All day stay perfume Apply to the back of the ears, base of the throat, inner wrists, inside of your elbows and back of your knees. Basically all of your pressure points to make sure you’re smelling sweet for the rest of the day.

All day stay lipstick - Lay a single ply of tissue paper over your lips and gently dab with translucent powder for a pout that’s not going anywhere until you say so. Also handy for mattifying glossier lipsticks.

Vaseline on feet - Slap it on before bed, shove on some cotton socks and in the morning you’ll have baby soft tootsies.

Warm up your eyelash curlers Blasting your eyelash curlers with your hairdryer or simply stashing them in your bra whilst doing your makeup makes for a much longer lasting curl.

Use a tshirt as a towel - It’s much better to use a cotton tshirt to dry your hair as it prevents it from frizzing and it’s softer on the hair follicles.

Mouthwash on bruises - Pop this onto those cheeky purple-blue blighters and they’ll be looking and feeling much better in no time.

Incorporate these into your everyday life and I'll be waiting here for you to thank me.


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