Sunday 28 September 2014

A little bit of Sunday Reading.

I love a good read. There's nothing better - for me, at least - than saving up all of my favourite blogs to read on a Sunday, which is probably what I spend most of my day doing. And if I manage to get through them really fast, I'll usually be seen sprinting out the door in the direction of either Boots or Superdrug picking up all of those blogger-enabled purchases I'd just been reading about ten minutes earlier.
The bloggers above are just a few of my favourites which I read on a weekly basis - as well as being glued to their youtube channels. 
Suzie from Hello October is brilliant. Her posts are concise, accessible and really enjoyable to read. They range from product reviews to fashion items to lifestyle bits. Plus, she's one of my all time favourite youtubers. I love her.
Next up is Lily Melrose. Unlike the others, Lily is a professional blogger and she's damn good at her job. She runs both a beauty and fashion blog and I couldn't tell you which one I prefer - it's a straight up draw. If you like OOTD''s, product reviews and the occasional lifestyle post then Lily is the blogger for you. I highly recommend.
Last but by no means least is Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup. This girl is the game changer for me. I love her witty post titles that are usually a hilariously clever play on words such as Simply the Reds or a whole lotta alliteration with The Fuller Coverage Face Base Round Up. And being an English junkie like myself, these types of titles sort of excite me a little. I know, I'm lame but her posts are not. I love reading Anna's blog because she writes in such a way that makes you feel you're just sat across from her, discussing your opinions over a cuppa. 

So grab yourself a brew, a bacon sandwich and a laptop and have yourself a whizz through. You won't be disappointed. Promise.


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