Tuesday 30 September 2014

My 3 Autumn/Winter Staples.

When the colder months roll about - and I don't know about you, but I'm already feeling the autumn chill a bit - I like to stock up on hats, coats, gloves...you name it, I buy it in bucket loads. A girl can never have too many options.
However, I tend to narrow this down to 3 fundamentals that I gravitate towards on an everyday basis. 

First off being my everyday handbag. I like to use a good sized bag since I have that silly inclination to schlep around more than an average day's essentials...like five magazines as well as a book. It also has to house my purse (which is pretty hefty), makeup bag (if I'm taking one that day), ipod, numerous sets of keys (I have three) and other bits and bobs that a girl feels she must always have on her person. But it has to be small enough that I can reach in and find things easily without my entire head having to disappear into it's depths just to find my chewing gum. This one I picked up from H&M is perfect. It's an ideal size, it's got a sturdy strap for that daily elbow workout and, if I'm remembering correctly, it cost just under £20...bargain. Oh, and it's black so it goes with everything.
Next up is a scarf. Now I'm usually not much of a scarf wearer - I love them, but I find them to be a little itchy and a little too warm. I also found this one in H&M and it's great! It gives warmth but not too much warmth that I'm literally clawing it from my neck after 20 minutes, it's got this really cool pattern (and it's reversible) that I find doesn't clash with any of my outfit choices (not that I wear much pattern anyway) and it doubles up as a great accessory that you can just fling on over a simple jeans-and-a-tee get up.
Lastly is statement necklaces. I know, it seems a strange choice for a Winter requirement but since I only seem to wear all black everything (not even just in Winter, all year round) an eye-catching necklace is a good way for me to incorporate a little something-something into my ensembles. When I say statement necklaces I don't mean massive ones that have rows upon rows of dangling jewels - although attention-grabbing, don't suit me at all - I mean necklaces that just aren't classed as dainty. As you can tell by the above picture, I prefer more grungier pieces since they fit more into my everyday style - like spikes and chunky chains. But if you want that necklace that has gems hanging down to your bellybutton then go on witchyo bad self!



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