Saturday 20 December 2014

Bits from The Body Shop.

One thing that The Body Shop does well - other than bodycare - is sales. They do sales like no other and I love it.
I recently made full use of their 40% off by ordering some things online - so much so that I made three separate orders because I kept going back.
The first order I made was for some goodies for my Mum for Christmas - it's a good feeling when an order over £25 becomes less than £15 upon checkout. 
I then received my second order this morning - well, I had to go and pick it up from the post office since I actually missed it's delivery. Story of my life.
I ordered the Vanilla Brulee shower gel and I've got to say how freakin' good this stuff smells. I stepped out of the shower this morning smelling like a cupcake...Oh. My. God. It's sooo delicious. I love it so much I've actually ordered two more this morning because it's one of their seasonal scents and I'm going to miss it so damn much when it's gone. If you love vanilla - get this. No, seriously NOW. Drop what you're doing and get going.
I also ordered the All-In-One Instablur. I've heard sooo many good things about this primer and with the 40% off deal I just couldn't put off buying it any longer. I've yet to try it but I shall be putting it to the test tonight at a family meal so watch this space. 
At the time of this order, The Body Shop were giving away a free Vitamin E Moisture Cream when you spent over a certain amount. I was way grateful since I've also been eyeing this up when I've been popping into the store. I love Vitamin E and it does wonders for dry skin - especially in the Winter time. I know I'm going to love this stuff regardless.

At the moment, The Body Shop are doing £15 off a £30 spend which is amazing. Get yourself online and order yourself some treats. You can never go wrong with a body butter or a hand cream. AND it's free delivery when you spend £5. 



  1. oh god I really want to try that shower gel!
    I just know I'll love the smell


  2. That shower gel should smell so good!


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