Monday 22 December 2014

Most Loved Two of 2014.

Now I do plan to do a major post of 2014 beauty favourites more towards the end of December, however I wanted to do a separate post for my two most loved products of this year.
I love reading and watching yearly favourites. I like to see if I've had the same favourites as anyone else and also get any ideas for products I haven't tried - if it's a yearly favourite surely it must be good?!
I've had two major love affairs this year - one with a foundation and one with a lipstick. 
Up first is, of course, the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I don't think there's a day that's gone by that I've not used or wanted to use this base. I only use different ones because I have so many and need to use them. I absolutely love it. It's my all-time favourite drugstore foundation and foundation in general to be perfectly honest. It lasts well, gives a glowy sheen to the skin and smells heavenly. 
I got along really well with the serum version of this foundation but never actually picked up the original. Thanks to Gabriella Lindley and The Sunday Girl, I'm really glad I did. Best purchase of the year.
Secondly is MAC's Rebel. My all-time favourite bold lip. I'll be honest and say that I don't get alot of use out of it outside the Winter months but I abuse it from October to February. It's just the perfect out-there lip for me. It lasts for ages and just adds a little pizazz to any makeup look - though I prefer to keep everything else quite muted if I wear a bold lip. My first ever MAC lipstick purchase and my favourite for years to come.

Watch this space for 2014 favourites in a couple of weeks time.



  1. Mac rebel is of my favourites!

  2. Mac is my fav and you picked my fav colour hehe. xox

  3. I love that MAC shade, its so pretty but i'm not daring enough to wear dark lipstick. I'd love to include you in my favourite blogs of December post that will be up next month? Comment over on my blog if thats ok, merry christmas.


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