Tuesday 30 June 2015

My Beauty Obsessions.

Like most beauty bloggers, there are certain aspects of the beauty world that I don't think I could ever part with. Either because they make me feel better, look sharper or because I just like the whole application process.  
I like to call these my beauty obsessions.

Hand Cream
I'll admit, hand cream is a slight mania of mine - I need to always have one with me, along with a hand sanitizer. I'm not a weird germophobe who refuses to touch door handles or anything but ever since working in retail I've appreciated the fact that people can be, well, disgusting. Not to mention my hands get super dry handling hangers, opening crates and de-tagging clothes all day. My favourites are the ones from The Body Shop (Moringa obviously), their convenient size and shape make travelling with them easy.

Nail Polish
There was a time during my college years when the colour black would never be seen off my talons. To my 16 year old self, nothing went with anything better. As I've gotten older (and wiser) I've started to appreciate the different colours of nail polish and how they can instantly add a little something else to your ensemble. I've always called it the 'Unexpected Accessory'. I love anything by Essie.

Dry Shampoo
I honestly don't know where I'd be without Dry Shampoo. It's my all time can't-live-without beauty product. Not only does it give second and third day hair a feeling of cleanliness (albeit on the dry side) it acts as a root volumniser too. You can't go wrong with Batiste - they have tons of different scents so there's one for everybody.

Last up is lipstick. When I was younger (again, during my college years) I never really saw the point of wearing lipstick if it wasn't a bold colour. Nowadays, I can fully value the nude lip. These days, I'm rarely seen without some shade of lipstick on - and not just a pillarbox red or a vampiric purple. MAC have some great shade choices and I love their formulas.

Everyone has different beauty things that they'd considered can't-live-without. Yours might be that wear-to-death blush colour or a repurchased brow powder that you've hit pan on several times. 
I always love finding out what others (friends and family alike) categorise as 'Holy Grail' and see if it matches any of mine.
After all, that's the beauty of Beauty. 



  1. I can't live without lipstick either! It just adds something to the look! Xx


  2. Dry Shampoo is always something i have! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. What shade is that lippy, it looks lovely! Batiste is definitely my favourite dry shampoo brand, it just does exactly what it says on the tin!
    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // x

  4. Totally agree with all of the above! Hand cream (and sanitiser) is a must, nail polish makes hands look nicer, dry shampoo is a life saver and lipstick always adds that something extra when it's on!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  5. I love Batiste! I need dry shampoo in my life or I wouldn't survive! haha ;)
    Also Essie polishes are just the best. Since I tried them out, I just can't use others anymore!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  6. That bodyshop hand cream sounds right up my street! :)

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic - Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

  7. I love the Body Shop hand creams, my favourite is the Hemp one but I'll have to check out this after it runs out :) MAC tend to be my most-reached-for lipsticks too xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  8. We are in love with that beautiful nail polish shade, it's lovely! Dry shampoos are also life savers, we'd say you have the essentials down!

    ISA Professional


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