Thursday 6 November 2014

My Night Out Necessities.

There's a reason it takes us girls so long to get ready for a night out - there's just so much to do! We have to shower, shave our legs, wash/dry/style our hair, paint our nails, do our makeup, choose an outfit...and then choose another one...and again if we have enough time. Being a girl can be a complete time-consuming nightmare sometimes.
And unlike lads, we can't set off to paint the town red with just our phones and a handful of twenties - we need a whole arsenal in our sequinned clutch bag...

Because oily skin can become a bit of a problem and combined with sweat looks even more unattractive, powder is a must for me on a night out. I also bring along a brush to apply it - the Real Techniques Multi-task brush is my favourite, small enough to fit nicely in your handbag but big enough to cover your face in a matter of seconds. I also like to bring along my lipstick of choice for the evening if I happen to be wearing any.
I like to keep a travel sized deodorant and my perfume with me too just to keep me and my friends smelling funky fresh all evening. 

A good range of products to have with you whilst all being compact enough to fit neatly in your bag. Winner.



  1. I love this post :D have to take my makeup on every night out !!!xx

  2. Powder is my absolute essential, I'm loving the bareMinerals brush that you can fill with powder, so convenient!

    Heather x

    1. powder is mine too! i'll have to take a look at that bareMinerals brush! sounds where more convenient than a compact! xo

  3. haha love this , my bf saying I'm not a normal woman as I can pretty much be ready within about 30minutes haha xox

    1. during the weekdays it takes me barely any time to get ready but on a night out, hours haha! xo

  4. LOL my male friends never understood why I carry a lot of things whenever we're going out at night.

    Life With Antlers


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