Wednesday 5 November 2014

When 'All Black' is done so right...

I'm a massive fan of American Horror Story and I've recently just finished the third season...Coven.
I've gotta say that it's probably been my favourite season yet. Not only were the storylines gripping but the cast's wardrobe was so aesthetically pleasing that I couldn't take my bleeding eyes off them. 
Taking inspiration from a particular character - Zoe Benson - there wasn't a single outfit of hers that I didn't like...and usually I can be quite hard to please. Her wardrobe consisted of fedoras, grungy boots, oversized cardigans, a gorgeous pair of leather dungarees and more black than you could shake a wand at. Geddit? 
The key to my heart is an all black outfit. 
The costume department on this season did a fantastic job in creating such visually satisfying attire for the cast members - even the older ones were dressed impeccably well. Though, let's be honest, Jessica Lange could wear a bin liner and a paper bag over her head and still look sassy as hell. 

And with all that being said, I'm off to please my inner Zoe by purchasing a fedora and buying more black. You can never own too much black. 



  1. Loving your explanation of Zoe's wardrobe! It sounds like (one side of) my style... and you can't go wrong with all black ;)

    x Sarah

  2. I love AHS: Coven, esp the outfits! Since this show started, I became more motivated to collect more black clothing. <3

    Life With Antlers

    1. I'm just in love with black clothing! haha! xo


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