Monday 6 October 2014

The Winter Boot.

Boots are my ultimate shoe of choice. During any season, not just winter. For me, they add a touch of grunge to my otherwise plain, all-black outfits and depending on the style of boot, can contribute a bit of flair - and there's also the bonus of keeping your feet warm.
As I've previously stated (and you can probably tell from the picture above) warmth isn't high on my list when it comes to shopping for boots. I like the cut-out versions as I tend to wear a lot of jeans and jumpers around this time of the year and cut-outs help with adding femininity to my ensembles with a little skin exposure rather than full on coverage from head to toe - and to be completely honest, my feet are constantly exposed whatever the weather so they seem to be immune to the cold nowadays. 
I take a 'the chunkier, the better' approach when it comes to buying boots and stores such as H&M and Topshop seem to fit my needs pretty well for reasonable prices. 
I also break out the Docs when I'm feeling a flat boot in the colder months - and these do keep my feet warm, especially when I whack on a pair of bed socks too. 
I prefer a rockier edge to the boots I wear - safe to say I'm not an UGGS girl - but that's just my personal preference. Invest in a pair that work well with your sense of style whether those are chunky platforms with zipper detailing or fleece-lined combats. 
Happy Hunting!



  1. you can never have too many winter boots! theres nothing worse than getting really cold and wet feet! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Love your boots collection, I ABSOLUTELY love the cut out ones and the chunkier the heels are the better I say! I'm your newest follower lovely :D xx


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