Tuesday 7 October 2014

My much-loved (and abused) Accessories.

Accessories are my favourite part of any outfit. They can literally transform the same ensemble numerous times just by switching up a necklace or adding in a pair of brightly hued ankle boots. You don't have to join the mile long queues for the fitting rooms to try them on and most of them - depending on what it actually is - are ridiculously cheap. 

My favourite piece that I wear everyday without fail is my Michael Kors Watch. I love it. My parents bought it me for my 21st birthday back in April and it hasn't left my wrist since - well except for the obvious times, like sleeping and showering. It immediately adds class and a bit of sophistication to any outfit, considering I'm not exactly the classy dresser type. I'm more at home in ripped jeans than smart trousers. 
As I've said in previous posts, I'm a huge fan of the statement grungy necklaces. I like mine (usually) silver, a touch dangly and with some sort of eye-catching element - like spikes or chunky chains. Again, just by changing up your necklaces on a day to day basis you could wear the same outfit five days running and nobody would know the difference. Though I wouldn't advise you to actually do that - unless, you know, that's your thing. This layered, silver one is from H&M but loads of places do similar designs.
Sunglasses are another favourite of mine. Come summer, they never leave my face. Partly because I really like the look of sunglasses on me and partly because I have really sensitive eyes - yes, sometimes I can be that really annoying idiot who wears sunglasses even when the sun's not out but I have a valid reason. Honest.
 As much as I'd love a pair of Raybans, and I will eventually cave and buy a pair, at the moment I just couldn't justify it since I tend to lose mine an awful lot. I have countless pairs of sunglasses and the stack seriously depletes each summer - I'd be devastated if I lost a really expensive pair. Besides there are so many nice designs on the high street it's almost unjustifiable in any sense. These tortoiseshell clubmaster-type ones are from Primark and were pretty much glued to my face this past summer.
Midi rings are the ring of choice for me at the moment. They're grunge but dainty at the same time...who knew? for me, they add that little extra pizazz to otherwise all black outfits and it creates a much rockier feel to my style. And the great thing about midi rings is they come in multipacks...you can get about 7 or 8 of them for under £3. Winner.
Lastly is the unexpected accessory - nail polish! 
Nail polish is most definitely an outfit completer, wouldn't you all agree? it's an effective way to add colour to an understated outfit if you choose something a little more eye-catching and vibrant. I tend to wear alot of neutral-coloured jumpsuits on nights out, so I like to put something a little more vivacious on my nails and pair those with a brightly coloured clutch. And yes, I have been known to match my nails to my purse. Sometimes I just like to be matchy-matchy. Nail polish is a great way to play with colour without feeling like you're full on committing to it - and it flatters every skintone. Brilliant.

Accessories are also a great way of expressing yourself through style. So go through your accessory wardrobe and pull out all of your wear-to-death pieces and see what they say about you. 
Are you grunge like myself? or more dainty and feminine? 
Buy accordingly.



  1. What a great nail polish colour!


    1. Essie's Sugar Daddy. but it's definitely a four coater to get decent colour pay off! boo!


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