Wednesday 8 October 2014

My Winter Skincare Essentials.

Come winter, your skin is the thing you need to take the best care of. Upping the amp on the hydration factor and switching up harsher products for gentler ones is a necessity in keeping your skin in a reasonable condition. 
I like to use mild cleansers all year round, but I prefer to use cleansing balms in the colder months because no harsh scrubbing is involved in the makeup removal process. The Body Shop's Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is a great investment for this winter. It's got a fresh and pleasant scent and really works in getting all that foundation and mascara off your face. Once it's ran out I'll definitely be picking up a new one. 
After getting all that off with a damp flannel or muslin cloth, I like to work on the hydration part of my routine There's nothing worse than thirsty skin - especially when makeup has to be applied to said skin. Makeup always sits and looks better on moisturised skin so I believe in never skipping steps when it comes to keeping it hydrated. I like to apply a little of Simple's Age-Resisting Eye Cream to my eye area - this is great as it contains green tea to fight signs of ageing and even though I don't exactly need anti-ageing products just yet, it's never too early to start.
I then like to add extra moisture with Raw Skincare's Skin Serum. This brand is cruelty free and works with all natural ingredients so it has great benefits. Check out their website here - their face masks are brilliant too! The deep cleansing one is great for tackling blemishes.  
To finish off and lock in all that moisture, I like to swipe on a thin layer of Simple's hydrating moisturiser. This is another great one for combating dry patches and keeping skin soft and makeup ready. I've used Simple moisturisers for years and they never let me down.
A lip balm and a hand cream are not only crucial at home but essential for beauty on the go. I prefer a bold,matte lip in the Winter so it's important for me keep them hydrated and flake free. Hand cream is just another good'un to carry because the cold air can make your soft and supple hands dry, chapped and sore. Not fun. 
Nivea Lip Butter is both nourishing and smells delicious. I like to apply this right before bed as I find it easier to apply stick lip balms during the day - no sticky fingers. This Rescue and Care hand balm, also from Nivea, is a really thick cream to help combat dry hands. This one can take a while to sink in so I wouldn't recommend using it straight before needing to use your hands for anything major. 
As a sidenote, even though my skin gets drier in the winter months it still gets oily and I can still have a few breakouts here and there so face masks are still a must for me all year round. This Simple Deep Cleansing Mask is so gentle, it's perfect for dry and sensitive skin. And perfect for me to use when it's cold out - it gets out all the gunk without exacerbating any current skin problems. Winner.


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