Tuesday 28 October 2014

Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award.

This will be my 3rd blog award nomination and I've got to say how thankful I am for all of my previous nominations for other awards. It's lovely to know how big and close-knit the blogging community actually is. 
So here is my Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award. 

First off I must thank Lauren from The Whirling Derfish for nominating me for this award. 

The Rules;

Thank the blogger that nominated you and link to their blog.
Include the award logo in your post. 
Answer the set of 10 questions they provide.
Supply your own set of 10 questions. 
Nominate 10 other bloggers. 

Lauren's Questions;

Best movie you've seen this year?
Oh God, I haven't really seen any new releases. I'll have to go with The Inbetweeners 2. 

What's your most worn piece of clothing/accessory?
Erm, probably my leather jacket. Accessories-wise, my Michael Kors watch without a doubt.

What's your favourite/most inspiring place to blog?
Honestly, my bedroom. It's the place that I feel most comfortable and usually contains all of the junk I tend to blog about anyway. It's easy to find inspiration in there. 

Do you have any strange or interesting hobbies?
Not really. Blogging is my hobby - so I guess it's mildly interesting hahaha.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Many things. Soooo many things, but it used to switch between Nurse, Midwife or Vet. I am currently none of these.

One essential beauty product you can't live without?
Dry Shampoo.

Why did you start blogging?
A creative outlet I guess. I liked all aspects of beauty/style and wanted to share my opinions and see if anyone agreed with me. A blog was the easiest way to achieve that. And it gave me something to do rather than sit watching Netflix all day. 

What's the meaning behind the name of your blog?
Erm, in all honesty it isn't that interesting. I wanted it to be beauty related yet also have 'The' in it. I was playing around with words until I came up with 'The Beauty Ideal'. 

If you could travel through time, where would you go?
Probably to 2004 - the year I started high school. I'd write myself a letter listing all the things I shouldn't do and give it to my 11-year-old self. 

If you could have any superpower what would it be? and what would you do with it?
Honestly, I'd like to have indestructibility - like Claire Bennet from Heroes. Either that or some sort of healing power. The healing power would come in handy, I'm not sure what I'd do with indestructibility though other than just...have it. 

My questions;

I'd like to do something a little different, so I'm going to do my questions in a 'this or that' format. 

1. Heels or flats?
2. Horror or Romance?
3. Jumpers or T-shirts?
4. Coffee or Tea?
5. Starbucks or Costa?
6. Candles or Room Sprays?
7. Edward or Jacob? (oh yes, I did just reference Twilight
8. Showers or Baths?
9. Long hair or Short hair?
10. Ponytail or bun?

My nominees;

Kirsty from kirstytalks
Maria from beardieboo
Hannah from tallgirl97
Scarlet from scarletmonroe92
Marissa from foodierexia
Dylan from jem'appelledylan
Amy from aimsyellen
Stefi from styledbystefi1
Amber from tyrannosaurusamber

If this is up your street girls, then great! if not, don't worry I won't be offended.



  1. Loved reading your answers! I'm not sure what you'd do with indestructibility either, jump off a few buildings maybe? :)

    1. maybe not the best for mankind but I'd enjoy it nevertheless! hehe! thanks again for the nomination :) xo

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I'll have my post up soon:-) xx

    1. aww brill! I look forward to reading it! :) xo

  3. Thank you for nominating me! I will do it in about 2 weeks if that is okay because I have just done another tag/award and don't want to put two in a row? Thank you though and I will be doing it soon!!


    1. whenever you want is the perfect time my sweet! I look forward to reading it! thanks for stopping by :) xo


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