Wednesday 22 October 2014

Party-Ready Fundamentals.

As we're all well aware I'm sure, party season is fast approaching - next week is the start of November! seriously where has this year gone?! - and it's important that we're looking and feeling our best when it comes to donning those fancy dresses and bold lip colours. 
To be honest, I'll probably forget to use at least three of these when I'm preparing myself to party because I'm just not that efficient, however, I reckon these are a safe handful of products that we all should be using when it comes to making ourselves party-ready. 

First up, a razor, for obvious reasons. Aint nobody got time for squirrel legs when that sequin minidress wants to play out. Grab yourself a luxuriously foaming shower gel and get to work! Or if you're too lazy, like me, opt for hair removal cream or a nice fancy pair of trousers. 
Then it's time to scrub-a-dub-dub. You need to get rid of all those unwanted skin cells so when you jump out of that shower and you've applied your body moisturiser you've got soft, silky pins that would make any Victoria's Secret model green with envy. I like the Palmer's Cocoa Butter body scrub and the The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil Body Butter for such occasions, the combination of the two keep my skin silky soft for days after. However, The Body Shop do wonderful scrubs as well as Soap & Glory. Treat yourself to all three I say...after all, YOLO.
Don't forget that hair girl! A clarifying shampoo is great for getting rid of all the weekly product build-up which is why I like to save mine for the Sunday wash - Aussie's Mega Shampoo is my favourite and it smells amazing. Nothing feels better than clean hair - until you dry it, style it and then douse it in dry shampoo because it's just 'too soft'. 
After my shower, I like to shove on a face mask. I love anything by Montagne Jenesse - mostly for nostalgia purposes. Their peel off masks are great though. Whilst my face mask is doing it's thing, I'll comb through my hair and apply the John Frieda Brightening Oil Elixir to keep my blonde ombre bright and add nourishment and heat protectant. Then smother my feet in Soap & Glory's Heel Genius foot cream before popping on a pair of cotton socks - by the time I whip those bad boys off, I'll have feet as soft as a baby's bottom. Perfect for my strappy heels. 
To finish off, I'll exfoliate my pout with a lip scrub - I've actually lost my Lush one *imitates crying emoji* so I've had to use this one from Wilko's. For the price it's actually not that bad and it gets the job done. Still prefer popcorn to apricot though. I then apply a heavy-duty lip balm - Nivea's Lip butter in Raspberry Rose is just the ticket...and it smells heavenly. 

With these products, you'll be looking funky fresh and fabulous in no time!



  1. Oh I need that foot cream in my life it sounds amazing! :) x

  2. I wish I had time to do more pampering before going out! I always end up in a last minute rush haha x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

    1. Same for the most part! haha! proper treat when I get to do all of this! :) xo

  3. Hi! I've nominate you for the Liebster award, read my blogpost here and let me know when youve done it :) xx


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