Wednesday 17 September 2014

The Little Things: my bedside table.

The bedside table is a very important place in a girl's bedroom. It's the area where she keeps many things that the average man would scratch his head at. 
Mine is very simple, I'm not a massive fan of clutter so when everything's everywhere it sends me a little doolally. I have my essentials plus a few things for decoration. 
I keep flowers at the back to add a little colour, my room is black and white so the orange adds a little zest (no pun intended), the flowers and bottle are both from Wilkinsons.
I then have a clock. A clock is an essential in my eyes, how else would you know how many more minutes you can stay in bed on that early morning? My clock is from Home Bargains and you can fill the other four squares with pictures of your choice...naturally, I managed to get a Starbys in there.
I also keep my hand cream and a lip balm by my bed because they're the last things I apply before settling down for the night. My faves are Vaseline's healthy hands and stronger nails hand cream and Nivea's Milk and Honey lip balm. Both are really moisturising and work wonders while you sleep. 
I also keep my everyday jewellery at the back there. I bought this really cute ring holder from Home Bargains and it was only a few pounds! I just keep my everyday rings on there (yes, I have many) and my Michael Kors watch.
Next we have a book. I've always got some sort of reading material on my beside table since I'm a night reader, if it's not a book it's probably Vogue or Glamour. I'm currently re-reading I am Number Four, it's WAY better than the film. I've read it like four times already I enjoy it that much.
To finish off is my candle. I always, ALWAYS have a candle on my bedside table. This one is a vanilla scented one from IKEA, vanilla is my favourite. I like to burn them in the evening to create a lovely atmosphere in my bedroom - and to smell it's deliciousness of course. The candle holder is also from IKEA. and the glass stand it's sitting on is from Matalan.



  1. your blog is so cute!! i love it so much! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. This was a lovely read :) I loved the intro!


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