Thursday 18 September 2014

ASOS Marshall's.

I recently picked up these bad boys (I say picked, I really mean ordered - but wouldn't an ASOS store just be amazing?!) very recently and aren't they grand?
They are the ASOS Marshall shoe and are absolutely beautiful! they're the first pair of flats/dolly-esque shoes I've bought in...let's just say a while (a good few years) - I love my boots, don't judge me.
I heard about these from Suzie's ASOS and I think Topshop haul over on youtube and even though she said they really hurt her feet I still went ahead and bought them.
She wasn't lying guys.
I love them to death but they bloody cut your feet so bad! 
These are definitely wear-around-the-house-in-bed-socks kind of shoes before you even THINK about wearing them outside. Don't do it to yourself, trust me. I'm pretty sure if you check my work's security cameras for Tuesday all you'll see is me applying plaster after plaster after plaster to my feet!



  1. I love them! Xxx

    1. they are beautiful! I just wish they were less painful! xo


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