Thursday 4 September 2014

On the go beauty bits.

I'm definitely not one of those girls who schleps around an entire vanity table's worth of make-up in their handbag, I'm perfectly content with just having a few of the essentials on an everyday basis - that's if I can even be bothered to touch up at all. 
Full disclosure: I only really take a make-up bag with me on days when I know I'm going to be out for the majority of it. However, I completely understand that not everyone is like me and not everyone is happy to not re-touch up their face throughout the day (to be honest, I wish I was more diligent about it- it'd probably save me a few huffy sighs in front of the mirror and those 'OMG how long have I looked like this' moments when I eventually get home). 
Moving on, I reckon I've compiled a good handful of the essentials to keep you looking shipshape on your daily errands - whether that be work or play. 

A small mirror is a must for any make-up bag, it's handy for applying lipstick and in those times when you can't seem to squeeze yourself between those glued-to-the-mirror high school girls who only seem to be wearing lipgloss anyway in the public toilets. You can get these from pretty much anywhere in pretty patterns for cheap prices.
A lip balm is another must for my make-up bag as I seem to have chronically dry lips and they do NOT look attractive under lipstick. I recommend Blistex's Raspberry Lemonade Blast or Nivea's Millk and Honey - my favourite is Carmex in the tub form but it's just easier to whack on product from a tube than faffing around with lids and sticky fingers.
Concealer is always a good call, now I don't know about you but I'm always the one who seems to get a friend on my face throughout the day. I prefer to take Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer with me on outings.
Powder is always handy to fix any oily areas and to help set any concealer you may have dabbed on. Get yourself a long lasting mattifying one like Bourjois' Healthy Balance powder - it's got 10 hour wear and adds extra coverage. A big powder brush is also useful to carry around with you - Real Techniques Powder brush is great because it's so big and quick to use. 
Any lippy you happen to be wearing that day is also good to have with you because that tends to be the first thing to disappear from your face through all the talking and possible eating/drinking you do on an everyday basis. I wear nude lipsticks pretty much all the time so I always have one with me - MAC's Patisserie is a good one to suit every skin tone and you don't even need the mirror to apply it. 
Lastly for me is a pair of eyelash curlers and some hand cream. The former for obvious reasons as my eyelashes tend to droop and lose their curl as the day goes on and the latter is an essential for me as my hands are permanently on the drier side. Soap and Glory's Hand Food is really moisturising and it smells amazing!


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