Monday 8 September 2014

My go-to neutral eye.

I wear neutral eyeshadow on pretty much an everyday basis. If there's colour on my eyelid, it's going to be a brown, beige or a grey of some sort.You can create so many different looks with a handful of eyeshadows that it's actually quite overwhelming, but I've found sticking to the shades that work best for you and your eye colour is where it's at when it comes to putting shadow on those peepers.

I use Urban Decay's Walk of Shame all over the eyelid, which is a matte peachy-beige. I'll then follow up with MAC's Soba - which is a slightly shimmery goldey-brown shade - in the crease and under the lower lash line. I tend to work on an apply-then-blend basis with crease colours - I'll build up the colour a little, then blend it out and see if I need anymore. This way, you're making sure you're not applying too much all at once because yes, that can happen and it can look awful, not to mention it'll crease easier. I'll then add a tiny bit of Urban Decay's Faint - a dark matte brown - through the crease just to give it a little more depth and run that into the outer V section and the outer part of my lower lash line.
To finish, I'll use a little of Urban Decay's Venus - a shimmery white - as a brow highlight and occasional inner corner highlight if I remember.



  1. you have such long eyelashes! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. awww thank you so much! good mascara is a godsend! xo


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