Tuesday 9 September 2014

Getting my run on! (sort of)...

Is it acceptable to post about getting back into fitness after only being on one jog? and I use jog in the loosest sense of the word! 
Okay, okay, let's call it my attempt to get back into fitness...even then, that's still stretching the truth to the absolute limit.
I'm going on holiday next year with my friends (thank god! I haven't been on a decent holiday in bloody ages!) and let's just say I'm not exactly bikini body ready. So I'm making an effort (never mind how half-arsed it is) to get myself back into some sort of exercise regime.
When I was in high school, I'd go as far as saying I was pretty fit - well, I could run for more than ten minutes without collapsing from a stitch and feeling like I'm going to vom -  so I'm looking to get back to (maybe) that same level.
Full disclosure: I just want a body like Vanessa Hudgens. Actually I'd just like to be Vanessa Hudgens!
But I digress...
To cut a long and rambly story short - which no doubt this would've been - From here on out, I'm going to make a proper effort to get my fitness game back en pointe! I've even bought myself some new Nike Free Runs (pictured above) to encourage me!


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