Wednesday 27 August 2014

Prison Break.

I seriously can't put into words how freakin' obsessed I've become with this show over the past 4/5 months, maybe even more addicted than I was to Breaking Bad. Actually, yes, way more addicted to this. 

I understand how late I am to the Prison Break party - like 5 years late - but words can't express how happy I am Netflix decided to stream it. I started watching it on a whim because I'd recently finished Grimm and was looking for another t.v. show to sink my teeth into...I completed all four seasons of Prison Break, with 22 episodes per season, within 2 weeks. I know, this girl needs a life. I literally COULD NOT stop watching it, I'd get through 4/5 episodes a night and thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of every single ep. 
I've never been on the edge of my seat watching a t.v. show more than I was with this one, so I'm glad of the fact that I'd never watched it whilst it was on t.v. - the week long wait for the next episode may actually have killed me. 
If you're not familiar with Prison Break, it follows a man who get's himself sent to prison to break out his brother who's currently on death row for a crime he didn't commit...but with his incarceration comes a whole load of problems and a conspiracy plot that no one saw coming. 
It's bloody brilliant and I probably got unhealthily invested in this much so, that I used to dream about it...regularly. Even though I know what happens in the end, I can't stop myself from putting it on every now and again, whether it's just to watch a few episodes or as background noise whilst I go about my day, it definitely makes it up there with my favourite all time t.v. shows. 


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