Wednesday 27 August 2014

Goody NEW Shoes.

So I received these shoes in the post this morning, and I am soooooo happy they've finally arrived!
They're absolutely gorgeous! They remind me a little bit of some sort of geisha shoe.

The actual shoe wrap part is made of a black, stiff suede-type material with an elasticated strap around the back of the heel - no buckles. Brilliant. And the actual platform heel has this beautiful wood-like design and the very bottom of the heel is coated in the same suede-like material as the top part. They're open-toed, so they'd serve well as a fancier summer shoe or a comfier option for a night out. I'm already in love with them, and I haven't even worn them yet!
If you're wondering, they're from H&M in the trend section, but I'm pretty sure they're sold out in all stores that stock trend so the website is your best bet if you want to get your hands on these. They retail for £29.99.
They do look like quite a large heel but I'll be wearing them both for evening wear and day wear as I tend to gravitate more towards heeled shoes than flats during the day anyway. Like they say - practice makes perfect, not to mention the balls of my feet are pretty much numb from all the heels I already wear so I don't usually fret about that burning sensation...ladies, you know the one I'm talking about.


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