Tuesday 26 August 2014

My top 10 makeup brushes.

Today I thought I'd share with you guys my top 10 favourite make-up brushes. These puppies are my go-to brushes every single day, or at least on the days when I wear make-up. These are the brushes that I would recommend to anyone for all aspects of make-up application, and with just these ten you could build up a collection of good quality brushes that won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

We'll start from the left, then work our way down the middle and then finish with the brushes on the right. 

Real Techniques Duo Fiber face brush - This is my travel friendly powder brush. It fits nicely in any make-up bag I cram it into on a day-to-day basis and it gives just a light dusting of powder,  which is handy for me as I have a tendency to always put too much powder on. 

Real Techniques Setting brush - This brush is just...aaaaaah. I love it! one of best brushes I own! even though it's small and probably easily overlooked, I find it perfect for setting my under-eye concealer and for days when I just want to put powder in the places that need it rather than all over my face. I've previously used this as a highlighter brush also.

Real Techniques Buffing brush - Now I've formerly talked about this in my beauty ideals post. It's the best brush for buffing (hence the name) your foundation onto your skin in the most flawless way possible. Make-up goes almost undetectable on my face on the days I use this, which is pretty much every day. 

Real Techniques Multi-task brush - The name of this brush is no lie, it literally will work for pretty much anything. I've used it for bronzer, contour, blush, powder...honestly, the list goes on. The first brush I pop into my make-up bag whenever I'm travelling.

Real Techniques Domed Shadow brush - I don't actually use this brush for eyeshadow, I use it for concealer. It does such a good job of blending in concealer under the eyes, around my nose and on any blemishes I may be battling with that day. Another multi-purpose brush that works amazingly. 

Real Techniques Contour Brush - For me personally, this is the best contour brush as the natural shape of the bristles fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks, great for creating a believable shadow when you've had one too many slices of pizza the night before. 

Spoolie - Every person that's as crazy about make-up and beauty as I am, a Spoolie brush is a must. It can be used in a multitude of ways such as combing through those unruly brows when you've had a restless night's sleep, or to cure that over-zealous mascara application that happens wayyyy too often. I've also used mine to comb out a particularly concentrated area of dry shampoo in my roots before now. The possibilities are endless and they're cheap as chips to purchase, so do yourself a favour and pick up a few. A make-up junkie can never have too many spoolies.

H&M Eyeshadow brush - Again with H&M! I know! but I find these brushes so handy for blending out eyeshadow looks. They're super soft, wash well and they cost like £1.99. Winner.

Real Techniques Duo Fiber contour brush - This is my go-to highlighter brush. It's just the right size and holds just enough product to bring that glow-from-within to the tops of my cheekbones. A true favourite of mine. 

Jessup Flat Top Kabuki Brush - Now this brush actually hasn't got an official name, I only know the brand is Jessup. It's from a set on ebay that I'd heard about from Gabriella's (Velvetgh0st) youtube videos. She raved about them so I picked them up for myself and they actually are amazing. This flat top buffing brush blends foundation beautifully and the rest of the set is pretty good too. 

Yes, I know I use alot of Real Techniques, but for now, they're my favourite brush brand. They're inexpensive, good quality and scrub up brilliantly. I can't grumble.


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