Saturday 12 September 2015

H&M: The Beauty Department...

So if you didn't already know, H&M recently launched their official beauty department. 
H&M offered beauty products before, but the options were a little shoddy and sparse - not like the range that's just been introduced.
Products include foundation, concealer, eye shadow, lipstick and a whole variety of other products to choose from. Prices usually start from around £5.00, though the lipliners and face masks are below. 
I picked up a fair few things to try (more than what I originally intended - go figure) and I've been seriously impressed with a few. 
I'll start with the face mask, I grabbed the Charcoal & Pumice Exfoliating Face Mask (£1.99). These come in handy little pots that have a peel off lid, so I assume there's only enough product for one use (but for £1.99 you can't complain much about that). I've yet to use this but I've heard good things from my colleagues at work (I work for H&M if you didn't already know). I can't find a link to this mask online but they definitely sell it in store.
Secondly, I picked up the Mattifying Face Primer (£7.99). When I swatched this on my hand in store, it mattified alright! I'm excited to try this out under makeup as most mattifying primers leave a greasy sort of coat on my face, this one doesn't seem to do that so I'm intrigued how makeup lasts on top.
Since I was running low on my trusty Bourjois powder I also picked up the Perfectionist Finishing Powder in Olive (£7.99), this is a great match for my self-tan shade. They also do a mattifying version too. This powder seems non-cakey and buildable, though I've yet to give it a proper test run.
One of my favourite purchases has to be this Eye Colour Palette in Ready, Set, Glow (£9.99). On the more expensive side of the range but just look at those shades! I'm really looking forward to giving this a go - it's the neutral lover's dream palette. Pigmentation seems good and they don't feel at all chalky, I hope they work well on the lids.

Ok, everything I talk about from here on out is swatched in the below picture.

I picked up the Colour Essence Eye Pencil in Over the Taupe (£3.99). I'll be honest, this purchase was part liking the colour and part liking the punny name. It's a very dark brown and I applied it when I got home to my waterline - guys, it's still going strong and that was over 2 hours ago. It hasn't faded nor transferred - I'm impressed so far.
I also picked up two of the Lip Definers (£3.99 each), I got the shades Tithonia and Choc Therapy. Unfortunately, neither shade seems to be available online but are in store. Choc Therapy is a lovely nudey mauvey-brown - think Kylie Jenner - and Tithonia is the most beautiful orangey-red. I tried Tithonia when I got home and it's life, I'm in love with it. The products themselves are creamy, don't drag on the lips and trust me, these babies aren't going anywhere until you say so - the lasting power is tremendous.
Last up is the Cream Lip Colour in Brunette Ambition (£7.99). Part of the nude-mauve-brown family and a great shade for everyday wear. I'm still on the fence about the formula of these, it seems you have to apply a fair few coats and I don't like my lipsticks too glossy if at all. I'll definitely still be getting some use out of it though.

Next on my list is the single eyeshadows - some of the shades are too die for.



  1. I had no idea H&M did makeup at all! I love the look of the eyeshadow palette, the shades are gorgeous so I will definitely be checking that out :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

    1. It's definitely worth the browse! Some of the stuff is amazing! Xo

  2. Choc therapy looks heavenly! Those masks and their packaging are so good. I hate getting 1 time masks and finding them super hard to get out of those squeeze packet things.
    -- // xo


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