Wednesday 2 September 2015

August Favourites.

Seriously?! Where has the last few months gone?!
I feel like I've missed at least two.
Anyway, today is a Monthly Favourites - a little later than usual I know but I'd just lost complete track of the time (I felt like we only came into August yesterday). 

First up for my favourites this month is the Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk (£11.99). Since we're coming into Autumn I don't like fake tanning as often, and this is great for just building a subtle colour rather than giving me that full-on instant bronze like the Foam does. It also moisturises really well so it's a winner both ways.
Secondly, a new find for me - Avon's Makeup Setting Spray (£6.00). Setting Spray is usually something I forget when putting on my makeup and I've never really liked any that weren't Urban Decay's De-slick. This one's been great for prolonging my makeup and adding a lovely sheen to my complexion - something that I tend to look for in Winter because my skin gets alot drier. It's also half price at the moment so get your hands on it. 
Maybelline's Master Sculpt (£6.99) is abit of a Marmite product from what I've read on other blogs - you really do either love it or hate it. 
I love it.
I have the shade Light/Medium and this works as a great contour shade and a lovely highlight on both my pale and tanned skin. It's non-muddy contour shade gives me great cheekbones and requires minimal blending - great for the lazy gal I am - and the highlight is subtle but gives a lit-from-within effect. I haven't used anything else since buying it.
Last up has been my favourite Blush shade to date and that's Makeup Revolution's The Matte Blush in Nude (£3.00). For the extremely low price tag you get a hella lot of product (8.9g in fact) and they're all insanely pigmented (I own three shades). The consistency is beautiful and the blushes themselves are surprisingly long lasting, even when they fade they still give a slight flush to the cheeks. If you're looking into buying one, Nude would be my ultimate recommendation - it goes with every skin colour.

My fingers are crossed that September doesn't fly by too quickly, I'll be shopping for Christmas presents before I know it.



  1. That blush is such a pretty colour and it looks amazing, great post!

  2. The MR Matte Blush shade looks gorgeous! I will be picking this up! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  3. I am absolutely in love with the colour of that blush! And I haven't tried the Maybelline Master Sculpt but it sounds amazing. Lovely post xx

    Beauty Girl

  4. That blush looks so nice and definitely is really inexpensive! I might give it a try xx


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