Monday 10 August 2015

The Powers Matte Be....

You know, there was a time when I used to hate blush. 
Like genuinely hate it.
In fact, I despised it so much that when I went to Newcastle for my 21st birthday night out I didn't even take any with me - something I actually regret in retrospect. 
For me personally, I'm difficult when it comes to blush. Too much and you could book yourself a gig at a children's birthday party handing out balloon animals (you know the ones, you've seen them in the club or on the high street - two big streaks of rosy pink across each cheek), and too little leads to barely-there colour and a 'what's the point' outlook on the whole process. 
Less is definitely more when it comes to blush - at least for me.

We all know my love for Makeup Rev and their ridiculous talent for new releases and these are one of their more recents - The Matte Blush (£3.00).
I'd heard many a good review about these already and to be honest, there's nothing from Makeup Revolution that's ever let me down. Their products are creamy, highly pigmented and more than well worth their cheap price tags.
I much prefer matte blushes to shimmery ones, mostly because I like the only shimmer on my face to be highlighter, and I feel you can have more fun with it if you keep everything else matte. No one wants to look like a disco ball.
Naturally, I had to have some of these. 
I picked up the shades Nude (far left), Beloved (top) and Fusion (bottom). 
Nude is a lovely light brown with the slightest hint of pink - I can see this being my favourite of the three, a blush that can literally go with any makeup look. Beloved is alot brighter than I thought it would be but with a light hand I could make it work. Fusion is going to be great going into Autumn/Winter - an enchanting combination of pink and red to make a great transitional blush shade.

All shades are creamy, pigmented and blend beautifully. I'm really excited to have a good play around with these - Makeup Revolution, you've done it again.



  1. I am matte obsessed so i need to order these! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. These look so good! I'm obsessed with matte blushes so will have to have a look!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. I love love love matte blushes, so I may have to pick some up - obviously for blogging purposes lol xx

  4. These were the three shades I had my eye on from this range - they look gorgeous! I'm glad to hear that the quality is good too :) xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. I really want to try these, Beloved looks so pretty! x

    Jordan Alice

    1. They're amazing quality for the prices! xo


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