Sunday 2 August 2015

July Favourites.

Sorry this post is late! I've been so off my blogging game recently - ugh!
I just feel I've been so busy doing everything else in life that I've kind of neglected my blog, partly because I've had no time and partly because I've just been so unsatisfied with it. I'm now on a work vacay so I'm hoping to get it back up to scratch.

Ok, on to the favourites.
My first favourite of July comes in the form of Maybelline's Classic Volume Express Waterproof Mascara (£4.99). I've been using this stuff non-stop this month as it gives me long, full looking lashes with zero clumpiness. And it's cheaper than your average drugstore mascara - winner.
Second up has, of course, been my Fullips (£6.99). I've been obsessed with this thing since I got it and it really does offer an impressive temporary fix to smaller lips. I got the medium size and it works perfectly - see this post here for more details and results.
So I went into LUSH not long ago to pick up a birthday present and came out £30 poorer on items that I'd bought for myself - I did get the birthday present though so I gave myself a pat on the back. I picked up this, the Tea Tree Water (£4.25 for 100g). I've incorporated this into my skincare routine and my skin's been loving it. It reduces the size of blemishes overnight and keeps them at bay too. I plan to pick up the bigger bottle next time I'm in-store.
Lastly is the Real Techniques Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush (£22.00). I've been meaning to pick this bad boy up ever since the line was released but alas, bills got in the way. I finally managed to get my hands on it and it's now the only brush I use for contour. It really gives a clean, angled look to the cheekbones without making it look muddy or dirty. I love it, it's well worth the steep(er) price tag.

I promise, promise, to attempt to get back to doing regular posts in the next few weeks. Sorry again for being crappy.



  1. I really want to try the real techniques bold metals brushes so badly, they all look so good!

    1. They're amazing! well worth the price! xo

  2. Love the idea of the Tea Tree face spray, though I'm trying to resist the RT Bold Metals brushes haha xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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