Saturday 25 July 2015

The answer to Plump Lips without the Fillers...

I'll start up by being completely honest, ever since I'd seen Kylie Jenner's ever-growing lips I'd become acutely aware of how small my own lips were. Well, my lips aren't non-existent but the top lip is a lot thinner in comparison to my bottom, and I couldn't help but let it bother me each time I applied lipstick. 
I researched online about lip fillers and how much the procedure would cost - after all, I didn't want to give myself a huge pout, just one that was a little more balanced and fuller. After concluding that lip fillers can get too bloody expensive, I started looking at temporary fixes and came across this - Fullips.
Fullips is a small plastic device (and comes in three different shapes and sizes depending on the size of your mouth and what you want to achieve) which you sort of suck your lips into to make them plumper. I'd heard and read a great deal of positive reviews about the product and decided to go ahead with the purchase - I found mine on Ebay for the reasonable price of £6.99 and I bought the 'medium' size.

Of course, like most, I had my doubts about the gimmick-y contraption, but I was thoroughly impressed with the results. I used a combination of inserting my whole mouth into the device horizontally and then turning it vertically and focusing on the middle parts of my lips. I found a small sucking motion until the device attaches to the mouth and doesn't need hands to hold it worked best for me. 
The results lasted about 3/4 hours on my lips before it would need re-doing. 
I try to refrain from using it everyday since prolonged use can cause the lips and the outer area to bruise Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge-style...and that's not a good look for anyone.

I'd recommend if you're after a temporary fix to an unsatisfactory pout. 


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