Friday 19 June 2015

The Prettiest Blush Palette I've ever seen...

So I received this in the post today - look at it. Just, look at it.
I've never seen a prettier collection of blushes in a palette before - truly.
I was browsing the Makeup Revolution site not long ago (I know, I know, story of my life) and I'd heard so many great reviews about their blush palettes, especially one called Golden Sugar. But as beautiful as it is, Golden Sugar just wasn't a good fit for me - it contains too many highlight-y blushes and I love a good matte colour.
But the Blush Palette in Hot Spice (£6.00) seemed a little more up my street.
From what I can make out, It contains two shimmers, four mattes, a highlighter and a blush/highlighter hybrid.
I'm in love with it.
The shades swatch beautifully - highly pigmented and creamy. The only one I can't really see myself using often is the orange one in the bottom left corner. 

I still can't believe it only costs £6.00. 
Once again, Makeup Rev have brought it, and they've brought it good. 



  1. I have this palette, its one of my favourites. I really want to try the pink version of this x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. I actually have this but I think that because of the size I store it somewhere separately to most of my blushers and never use it as a result! This has definitely reminded me how pretty it is though! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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