Thursday 25 June 2015

The Body Shop's best scent...

Anyone can ask me what my favourite scent is from The Body Shop and I'll tell you the same one every time - Moringa.
I absolutely adore the scent. 
I'd describe it as a really delicate floral scent - it's sweet but not overpowering in the slightest. It's just one of those scents that once you smell it, you have to unscrew the lid again just to take a second whiff. 
I've already spoken about my love for the Moringa Body Butter (£13.00). A thick, creamy body lotion that leaves my skin feeling silky for days and smelling lovely. I love that it doesn't have too strong a scent that it distracts from perfume or anything too. 
My second fave is the Moringa Hand Cream (£3.50), because these guys are so travel and pocket friendly I tend to pick up a couple so I can keep one with me in my bag and one at home. The same floral-y scent that leaves my hand soft, not sticky.
The Moringa Shower Gel (£4.00) is a firm favourite in my shower of late. A more recent addition to my Moringa collection but loved just as much as the rest. You get a fair amount of product for £4.00 and it makes every shower that much more enjoyable.
Lastly is their Moringa Body Mist (£7.50), I can't even get over how delicious this smells, it smells so fresh and clean. I'm continuously spritzing myself with this stuff. Combined with my body butter, it's safe to say I'm smelling of Moringa all day, every day. 

I love The Body Shop, it's my favourite store on the high street for bodycare. I can always rely on their products to work wonders for my skin.


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