Wednesday 24 June 2015

A mini Drugstore Haul...

Naturally, I found myself wandering into Boots the other day and decided to pick up a few new things. I only originally went in for the Nailene Petite Square Falsies (£8.49) and ended up coming out with a few more bits.
I love the Nailene nails, they're my favourite whenever I want to wear false ones. They're completely plain so you can paint them whichever colour you wish and they're actually small enough to fit my nails. I mainly wear false nails because my natural nails are atrocious (working in retail for the past 5 years has completely ruined them) and these just make them look neater. Not to mention, my nail polish doesn't chip. They're small enough that when applied correctly, they can actually pass for real nails.
I also picked up the Maybelline Classic Volume Express Waterproof Mascara (£4.99). I actually picked this up because I was in need of a new mascara and this was only £4.99, it's rare to see a drugstore mascara under £8 - especially from Maybelline. So far, I'm liking it.
I also picked up the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry polish in Pit Stop (£3.99). I loved the shade when I saw it on Jasmine's Instagram so thank you Jasmine for introducing me to this one, I love it. I'd describe it as a greige (a mix between beige and grey) and a really good non-confrontational nude.
To complete my mini shop I picked up the Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Spot Wand (£3.59). A day and night treatment for zits that gives immediate action along with helping heal the blemish. I picked this up because I'd ran out of tea tree oil and I don't like not having some sort of spot treatment on hand - I feel like I'm tempting fate a bit.

I'm actually really impressed with all my purchases and I'd recommend any of them if you were ever looking to spend a few pennies.



  1. Drugstore purchases can be bit or miss, but most come at a great price. The Barry M Speedy Quick Dry polish sounds cool. :]

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