Tuesday 9 June 2015

A couple of new Skincare Bits...

I haven't blogged for nearly a week - apologies.
I've had so much to contend with in recent days that I feel like the blog has kind of slipped through my fingers a little bit. Also I've not really had decent enough content to include and I don't want to start making this a half-arsed hobby.

Small rant over, the weather's been getting pretty warm here in Manchester (I've not worn a coat these past 2 days) and with warm weather, comes even oilier skin. Not fun.
I picked up the Garnier Moisture Matte Moisturiser (£3.99) recently and decided to give it a go. I'm always a little sceptical about mattifying moisturisers as I've found most just don't seem to do anything. I couldn't grumble at the price and I noticed the difference between this one and others I've tried is the hydration part. This hydrates as well as mattifies - usually mattifying moisturisers (in order to de-shine the skin) tend to dry it out a little, not helpful when you have dry skin as well. 
I love how this one keeps my complexion flake free and over the past couple of days I do think it's helped in combating shine a little. Not as much as I'd like it to, but for £3.99 I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.
Secondly, I picked up the Boots own Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream (£2.89). I'd been having a bit of trouble with my eye area, I noticed it was getting really dry and my concealer was just looking awful and cakey so I originally picked up Superdrug's own Vitamin E Eye Cream - I would NOT recommend this at all. The first time I used it I suffered a mild allergic reaction - my eyes were sore, red and itchy as hell. I didn't know if it was definitely this product since I'd been using a combination of a few new things so when my eyes cleared up I (stupidly) give it another go. My eyes were worse this time round and I had to have time off work due to the amount they'd swollen overnight. They stayed this way for 3 days - puffy, sore and itchy. I immediately binned that eye cream.
I then came across this one and I love it. I was a little sceptical again because of my last stint with a new eye cream but this one's been lovely. It smoothes, it hydrates and my concealer doesn't cake anymore - and the best part? no nasty allergic reaction.



  1. the hydrating eye cream sounds good, my eyes always look so dead, i might have to try it out! xx

    1. I'm actually totally in love with it! Xo

  2. This moisturiser sounds like one i need to try. I am willing to try anything that says it is matte as my skin is extra oily x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. I don't think it's super good! But good enough to recommend giving it a whirl! Xo


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