Thursday 2 April 2015

Hello to the 'Hanna'.

So Wednesday came and went and I finally, finally got my hair done. 
The relief I felt when my hairdresser finished was nothing short of life changing - sad I know, but I'd been living with my roots for a good couple of months and it was nice to finally look in the mirror and not see the unwanted blighters. 
My hair is now all one shade of blonde and I ended up getting a fair few inches chopped off of it - my hairdresser even said, and I quote "So we're going for the Hanna?". I've previously mentioned she has as much love for Pretty Little Liars as I do and Ashley Benson is my ultimate girl crush. 
So we went for it and I absolutely love it.

I always thought that after I cut my hair short the first time round, I'd just grow it back out again because I liked it long. Turns out, short hair is much more low maintenance and manageable than long hair. I'll definitely be flying the flag for short-haired girls for a long time to come. 



  1. It looks really good on you, I love it x


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