Saturday 14 February 2015

Cleansers for all Skin types.

Skincare is something that I've always seemed to struggle with. It's hard to know what products to use on your skin and what's going to be best for it when your skin type can't be categorised under one umbrella. I'm a combination of oily and dry - whilst my t-zone can become quite oily throughout the day, I also suffer from incredibly dry skin as a whole, my face will literally start to flake off if I don't moisturise every day. Wonderful. 
In my years of trying to do what's best for it, I've racked up an impressive amount of cleansers - all aimed at different skin types. My skin tends to change on a pretty much weekly basis, so I'll switch up my cleansers to suit.

Dry Skin
I'd say a cleansing balm is a great option for dry skin. It leaves your face feeling soft and clean without the tightness. My favourite balm is The Body Shop's Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. At £12.00, it's one of the more cheaper ones on the market, it works like a dream and it lasts ages. 

Oily Skin
I'll be honest and say I don't really tend to use many cleansers aimed at oily skin just because I also suffer from dry patches and these types of cleansers have a habit of stripping the skin. The best one I've come across that leaves my complexion clean with minimal tightness is Garnier's Fresh Clarifying Shine Be Gone! Wash - it does help to clear out pores but I reserve this for when I'm having excessively oily days. 

Sensitive Skin
Simple is the skincare brand when it comes to sensitive skin. They don't use any nasty ingredients in their products and I've been using them for years. I love their Moisturising Facial Wash for quick cleanses, it just makes your face feel lovely and clean. 

Normal Skin
Luckily, some of us don't have any of these issues - yes, I'm jealous. A good cleanser for normal skin types is Superdrug's B.Clean Melting Gel Cleanser. It's a good one for removing makeup and just generally cleansing the skin. It's cheap as chips and one of my favourites no matter what skin type. 

Skin can be a total 'mare and feel free to blame your parents for this one, it really is their fault. Just remember to work with what you've got and use products accordingly. 



  1. Glad to hear good things about the cleansing butter by TBS, I picked it up last week!

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

  2. The simple facial wash is my holy grail, it's perfect for getting the last bits of makeup off and preparing the skin for toning :) x


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