Friday 13 February 2015

5 Things every girl needs in her Beauty Arsenal.

I strongly believe that there's a handful of items that every girl needs to have at all times. They may not come into use every single day, but they're useful to have on tap should you need them. As fun and exciting as it is to shop for new foundation, mascara, blush etc...these are the products that are going to do you the world of good, no matter how boring they are.

Cotton Buds
Granted, an extremely boring item but essential in my skincare/beauty stash. They're great for cleaning up messy eyeliner, getting any eyeshadow out of your eyes (one of my biggest pet peeves is eyeshadow/eyeliner that gathers in the tear duct) and they're also good for smoking out shadow. 
Not just an ear cleaner eh?

Bobby Pins
Probably a given. Bobby pins are great for getting hair out of your face whilst doing your makeup, for clamping down those stubborn layers that are hell-bent on sticking out of your sleek topknot and keeping all of your hair ties in one place. 

Tea Tree Oil
I seriously couldn't live without this stuff. It has so many uses that every household needs a bottle. Not only is it a topical treatment for acne but it's healing properties can also soothe sunburn, help treat psoriasis and mollify insect bites.

A good Moisturiser
This is a must for any girl no matter your skin type. A good moisturiser helps keep your skin hydrated, flake-free and aids in your makeup application. I'd recommend investing in a good one, you can never spend too much on good skincare. The Body Shop is my favourite for moisturisers. 

Some sort of Makeup Remover
Wipes are also good here. You never know when you're going to completely screw up your shadow/eyeliner/lipstick and it's good to have some way of removing just that one aspect rather than having to start all over again. 
Aint nobody got time for that...



  1. Cotton buds come in so handy for me, I am always getting mascara all around my eyes! x

    1. I should've used that! I do that too haha! xo

  2. Great taste in skincare products ;) my skin loves tea tree oil and the Body Shop Vitamin E is great for overnight xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. Of course! ;) I love it as my night-time moisturiser! xo

  3. I love the Vitamin E range from TBS, everything is lovely! I really need to try a micellar water, especially this one.

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

    1. This one's great for starters, and it's cheap! xo


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