Thursday 22 January 2015

Grey Hair, Don't Care.

So yesterday I decided to fully dye my hair grey. 
Like I'd previously stated in this post here, I was loving Kylie Jenner's grey ombre look late last year and I did dye my own ombre grey but it just didn't work out like I'd hoped.
Anyway, my hairdresser came round yesterday and we just went for it. 
It's a total shock to my system every time I look in a mirror (I've never had hair this light before, let alone an unusual colour) but so far, I'm loving it.
It took 5 hours to take me from darkish brown/blonde ombre to my current - as I like to call it - granny grey and the bleach hurt like no one's business but I'd say it was definitely worth it. 
2015 is my year for taking the plunge and this is one of them.
I'll probably do a post on how I keep it in good condition since there was a hella lot of bleach involved in this process - my hair is quite literally white underneath the grey toner.

So far, I'm happy with my new do and I'm hoping I can keep it in pretty good nick until I can get it re-done - toners tend to fade pretty darn quickly. I will say I'm definitely not looking forward to getting my roots re-done though - the things us girls do for beauty eh?



  1. Wow, from what I can see it looks amazing! You must put up some day time pics! I would love my hair this colour but it's soo fried and heat damaged already from previous bleachings (i'm just about getting it back to a good state) that I daren't risk it. xx

    1. I'll be sure to do that! thanks for reading! xo

  2. This looks lovely on you, I get "real" gray hair and that isn't so fun for me lol. xox

    1. thank you! hehhe, my Mum's considering getting her hair done the same colour so her's isn't as obvious! xo


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