Tuesday 2 December 2014

The Everyday Beauty Tools.

Most of us - if not all of us here - wear makeup on a pretty much daily basis. Whoever came up with that age old phrase of girls only wear makeup to impress boys was so off the mark it's actually pretty funny. I couldn't care less if boys were impressed, but I do care about how much I'm loving that new foundation, or eyeshadow combo, or lippie... 
Anyway, along with applying makeup, you tend to need tools to do it with. I've picked up four of my most used, and believe me when I say they are most-used. 

Eyelash Curlers
Bit of a given really. I curl my lashes everyday, I physically can't not - I don't even forget. Plus I hate the look of my lashes without curling them, they're long but ridiculously straight - like a camel's. A quick curl always does the trick in the morning.

Brow Brush
Thanks Sam and Nic for creating the best brow brush in existence. Ever. It's dense enough that it makes quick work of painting your brows on, but still with enough movement that it's not too stiff a job. I've been preferring doing my brows with powder recently so this just makes it ten times easier.

Now a spoolie is an amazing tool to have in your beauty arsenal. It's the bomb at taming any unruly brows, for distributing and combing powder through and for fixing any overzealous mascara application. I mainly use mine for combing my brows into a proper alignment, those puppies just don't like to stay in one place for too long. 

MAC 187 brush
A recent addition to my brush collection but has become a ridiculously fast favourite. A duo fibre stippling brush that I like to use to make my foundation that little bit more flawless. I'll buff it in with a flat-top kabuki and than spend a few minutes just swirling this around my face. It gets rid of any unnecessary product whilst blending still. I originally bought it for cream blush but hey, if the shoe fits...

It's important to have complete faith in your everyday beauty tools, that you can trust they'll do a good job and make you look and feel like the best version of yourself. For me, this is no mean feat so I'm pleased I've found a handful of instruments that can take me from Miranda Hart to Miranda Kerr (I wish).



  1. Ete lash curlers are a definite must! nothing explains the defeat i fell when i'm in a rush and start to apply mascara to realise i've forgotten to curl my lashes!


  2. Spoolies are the best invention in the beauty world ever. I can't even imagine what my brows would look like without them, I also need to thank spoolies for taming my flyaways from time to time!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  3. I totally agree with you my friend!
    And thing about boys, nah...We just want to be pretty :)



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