Monday 10 November 2014

Why Staying In is the New Going Out.

I'll be the first to admit that I do love a good night out every now and again. Who doesn't love getting so drunk that you can't remember your name? professing your undying love to people you barely speak to? or my personal favourite...getting in the rounds when it isn't even your turn. 
However, I only like this every once in a while. I've never been one of those people who were out every weekend. My body can barely hack it on just the odd one, let alone every week. 
Since turning 21 - and going out alot less often - I've been thinking what is it that makes it a good time? seeing friends? having a laugh? can do all that without the alcohol though. Here I am to argue why staying in is way better than going out.

The major one - you save money - I spend a fortune on nights out, even though 9/10 I don't even intend to spend that much. I'm a massive fan of the pre-drink, bar prices are so extortionate nowadays it's hard to justify buying more than a couple of drinks. Staying in with a good film and good friends means more money in the bank for Starbys and a McDonalds the next day.

No hangover - I've gotta tell you how much I love waking up the next morning after a big night out to a banging headache, disgustingly dehydrated skin, a boiling stomach and feeling nauseous as hell...NAWT. I've been lucky enough to not suffer from anything too major, but I have friends who get such bad hangovers it makes me wonder why they ever drink. 

None of this 'You've gotta drink through the tiredness' - If I had a penny for every time somebody had said this to me on a night out I'd be ballin'. Like most people, I start to get tired half way through a night out, which isn't surprising - people party late. I never really understood the concept of drinking through the tiredness, I only carry on because everyone else is. Staying in, I can just go to bed whenever I want - bonus.

Cosy socks instead of foot-crippling heels - I've lost count the amount of times I've took my shoes off after getting in and genuinely can't walk for a good 15/20 minutes because the pain's that excruciating (I've crawled to bed before now). Will I wear them on the next night out? obviously. I'd rather be wrapping my feet in warm socks than bone-altering footwear to be honest. 

Watching Netflix rather than people 'tashing on'  - We've all seen it, there's that pair on the dancefloor who simply can't keep from shoving their faces into one another. Vom. I'm not bitter nor prude, I just think that drunk kissing is a little bit more vivacious than sober kissing...and I don't need it shoved in my face, or ramming me in the back. Give me American Horror Story over that anytime. 

Not having to wait ages for a drink - You're in a club, you're parched and all you want is a double vodka and coke to wet your whistle...but so do 15 other people. By the time the barman actually gets to you, you've forgotten why you're even standing there in the first place. I'd rather have my own personal supply in my own personal fridge. Thanks.

Despite all of these points I'll still continue to party it up in the future - as One Direction would say...Live while we're young.
(Oh God, did I just quote One Direction? it's been a long few days, forgive me.)



  1. So true, it is really nice to stay in, especially at this time of year when it is cold and dark!

    Camille xo

  2. Could not agree more, I mean I do love a good night out but I miles prefer staying in or going out as opposed to Out. At least when you stay in you can hear what the people you're with are saying!

    Heather x

  3. I loved this post it's so true. I actually prefer staying in these days I must be getting old hehe. xox

  4. The amount of times my friends tell me 'push/drink through the tiredness' as well is a joke! Drinking just makes me feel even more tired haha and lately I haven't been able to stay out as long as I used to! I do looove a night out but I think it's good to have a balance (plus, I don't think my bank account can take going out every weekend anymore haha) x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    1. I agree! I just wanna find a nice corner and have a nap! thanks for reading! xo

  5. haha I am that friend who gets ridiculously bad hangovers. Especially now that i'm 23. I just can't hack it anymore, even when I haven't drank THAT much. I'm all for staying in now, especially now it's cold. I'd rather be in with a hot chocolate, cosy socks and a good film than standing out in the freezing cold queuing for a jam-packed club. Great post :)

    1. hangovers are the worst! I always seem to have work the next day too! xo


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