Saturday 22 November 2014

The Everyday Jewellery Bits.

I don't wear a ton of jewellery on an everyday basis unless I'm really feeling it. Nowadays, I tend to have a handful of wear-to-death pieces that I grab almost instinctively before rushing out of the door. 
First is obviously my Michael Kors watch. Mine is the MK5569 - a rose gold chronograph from the Lexington collection and I absolutely adore it. It's honestly my most prized possession. My parents got it me for my 21st birthday back in April and I've not taking it off since -  well except for the obvious times. 
Rings. Rings are my favourites - see this post here. I'm not a huge fan of bracelets and although I love necklaces, I don't always like wearing them. Rings are easy to take off and put on whenever you feel. I like midi rings and statement rings with a grungy edge, like my skull and tribal one. I also like to layer my rings, so 9/10 I'll be wearing about twenty...on one hand. Only joking.
Last up is a more recent everyday piece and that's my 'Lauren' necklace. I know, I know, name necklaces had their thing a few years back and held alot of 'chav' connotations. But I always associated the massive ones with chavs, mine's very dainty and you can't really tell what it says unless you're standing 3 feet away. I've had it for years and never took it off when I first got it but back then, I liked to wear alot of necklaces at once and the tangles were just getting on my nerves. I've re-kindled my love for it. 

I do love a good everyday jewellery piece. Something that reminds you of a loved one or just something to wear when you're far away from home. Everyone's everyday jewellery is different - whilst I'd say mine is quite subtle, another person's maybe statement necklaces or a sizeable stack of bangles on each wrist.



  1. I love your watch! I've been eyeing one of those MK watches because the color looks really unique. Like you, I'm in love with bracelets and necklaces. I don't like wearing necklaces all the time, tho.

    Life With Antlers

    1. thank you! I love it! thanks for stopping by and having a read! xo


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