Friday 3 October 2014

What's in my Bag?

Like I've said prior, I tend to carry around more than your average girl's needs on an everyday basis and when it came time to take this picture for this post I realised just how true that was. I did edit a little - like taking out the 2 other magazines, the second umbrella, the second book, the countless, countless boxes of plasters and the pair of flats (yes, a spare pair of shoes) -  and intend to start with the means to go on. The bag itself is from H&M and before cutting down on all the crap I was hauling around with me, it wasn't any wonder why my left arm was starting to resemble Pop-Eye's. 

I reckon it's pretty important to carry around a purse. How else would I stockpile all of my store cards and change? I have alot of store cards, seriously, I even have one for Holland & Barrett's and I don't even shop there! I just can't help myself, as soon as a cashier says to me "Do you want to sign up for our store card?" I'm right in there handing over my name and e-mail address. You never know! Mine is this orange one from Primark and it cost me no more than a fiver.
I then have reading material and I plan to only carry around ONE magazine and ONE book from here on out. Magazines/books can be bloody heavy!
I try and and buy the smaller versions of magazines - when I remember - so they take up less room but 9/10 I just buy the full-size version. I love Glamour, Company or Vogue as my on-the-go reading material as it takes me longer to get through them rather than just whizzing through the gossip tabloids - I mean, let's face it, I'd rather be reading about Givenchy's latest runway show than what new diet Kerry Katona's been trying out.
My make-up bag is usually in my handbag on longer days - I don't top up my makeup if I'm only out for a few hours. But when I do take one with me, I like to have the majority of my products with me in case of any emergencies so a good sized one is a must. This one's from Wilkinsons and I only bought it because it matched the hand mirror I'd picked up, I also have one from Primark that's pretty sizable too and works just as well. 
Then we have my Ipod. I never go anywhere without my ipod. If I'm walking alone and you see me, don't shout me - chances are I've got my headphones in and I can't hear a damn thing other than N*SYNC's Pop. It's happened to my friends in the past - one of my work colleagues literally ran after me shouting my name and I didn't even realise until she grabbed me from behind, panting and cursing.
I then have my 'just in case' bits. 
An umbrella - because I live in North-West England and even if you leave the house bathed in glorious sunshine, give it a few hours and it'll be pouring it down. 
Chewing gum - for obvious reasons. I like Extra's bubblemint because it tastes like Juicy Fruit without being bad for your teeth. 
Deodorant - again, for obvious reasons. I work in retail under really bright spotlights and it isn't fun when you're running around in brutal heat, sweating yourself dry. 
Plasters - because I tend to wear new shoes on long days because I'm a total idiot and can't help myself. 
Paracetamol - I need to carry around painkillers because I suffer from alot of headaches for a number of reasons. 
1. I work under really bright lights. 
2. I don't drink enough water.
3. I turn my Ipod up way to loud.
3. I'm pretty sure I need reading glasses so I usually get a headache after reading for a substantial amount of time.

And that's it. 
This post has also reminded me how much of a massive rambler I am - and that I need to book an eye test. 


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  1. Great and handy selection to carry with you!


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