Thursday 2 October 2014

Getting me some Hair Game.

I have previously stated that I'm not much of a hair person but since I've just had mine re-cut and re-coloured, I've vowed to take better care of it and actually make some sort of an effort with my barnet. 
I've used Batiste Dry Shampoo for years. It's the best dry shampoo in my opinion. It's inexpensive, comes in a range of scents and adds volume like no other. It can leave a white-cast in your hair so just make sure to really blend it in to your roots. I also own their Conditioning Mist which is really good for just reviving your hair if it's looking a little lack lustre and I do enjoy using their coloured versions when my hair is much darker as it covers my roots and prolongs the time between hair appointments. Winner.
Up next is my trusty John Frieda Brightening Oil Elixir. I love this stuff. It adds shine, heat protection and helps to lighten my blonde ombre without having to douse my hair in more bleach. I run this through my ends after a shower and occasionally use it in dry hair if I want a little extra shine. A little goes a long way, so although it is £9.99, it'll last you forever. 
I love the scents of Schwarzkopf's Got2b range - they all smell absolutely delicious. As you can see I have two in this line up - I also use their 2 Sexy Big Volume hairspray but I just don't have any right now. The Mermaid Texturizing Salt Spray is brilliant. I've used many salt sprays in my time and every one has left my hair hard, dry and crispy - this one doesn't do that. It adds beachy, effortless waves that have movement, they don't feel stuck in a certain way until you wash it out. The other is their Guardian Angel Heat Protectant. The oil elixir does also carry heat protectant but I don't really use enough of it to really do a good job so I like to just spritz a little more through my hair before I apply any heat, that way I definitely know it's protected. This one smells divine and works like a charm. 
This last one is my all time favourite hair product. I've repurchased it countless times because it smells so good and works so well. The Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Lightweight Conditioning Spray works pretty much the same way as Batiste's Conditioning Mist except this is the amped up version. I spray this through damp hair and it leaves it looking and feeling silky and nourished. It also acts as a detangler too - which is great for me since my hair is so thick it can take a good 15/20 minutes to comb out all of the knots. Fun times.

So this is me, promising myself and my hair, to look out for it more. Fingers crossed I don't pack it in after a week. 


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  1. Let us know how it goes after you try them


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