Tuesday 2 September 2014

The five (or maybe eight) minute face.

Now I know this looks like a lot of products, but when you've had that I-turned-off-my-alarm-and-accidentally-fell-back-asleep extra thirty minutes in bed these are the items that are going to have you looking somewhat human when you're rushing through that front door in the morning. 
Trust me.

Using your fingers (the quickest method), apply Bourjois' Healthy Mix Serum, making sure you're blending properly so there's no unsightly face lines - especially under the jaw. If you have to take more time on anything, it's your foundation. Add a swipe of Garnier's tinted eye roll on under the eyes and blend it with your ring finger following up with a dab of Rimmel's Stay Blushed Liquid cheek tint onto the apples of your cheeks for a healthy glow. Finish off the face with a light dusting of Bourjois' Healthy Balance powder to set everything in place and use a little of Soap & Glory's Glow All Out for a cheekbone highlight - this'll help you get that fresh face look that so many of us lack in the early morning hours. 
Smear a small amount of Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze to your eyelids, blending it out with a clean finger (add some to the lower lash line too if you have enough time) - this'll make it look like you've put way more effort into an eye look when actually it's taken you two minutes to do. Finish with a whipping of Max Factor's False Lash Effect mascara on the top and bottom lashes to open the eyes further. Add a little of your highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes for some serious 'I woke up like dis' brightness. 
Fill in your brows if you have time, but for me, a quick brush through with Maybelline's Brow Drama usually does the job of setting them in place whilst adding a hint of tint. Complete your make-up look with a lipstick/lip gloss/lip balm of your choice, I usually go for Loreal's Collection Privee in Cheryl's Nude.

If you find you have that little bit of extra time at the end, go back to any aspects you may think need a little more TLC (blemishes for example)...or you know, go and make yourself a strong flask of coffee for the road. I know which one I'd be doing.


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