Wednesday 24 September 2014

Get the Look: Kylie Jenner.

I feel now - in the beauty world at least - this name has sort of become a taboo word. Her makeup look has been that exhausted over the blogosphere and over youtube that I feel it's more appropriate to refer to her as 'She Who Must Not Be Named'. 
Of course, it's Kylie Jenner.
Personally, I really do love her makeup at the moment. I know it's a sort of revamp of the 90's look with the earthy-toned eyeshadows and the dark nude lip, but it's refreshing to see a celebrity actually wearing makeup that's simple yet suits her so well. 
I've been drawing alot of inspiration from her makeup at the moment so I thought I'd share it with you in my first 'Get the Look'. 

Firstly, I prepped my skin with Bourjois' Happy Light Matte primer to make sure my makeup stayed in place all day. 
Kylie's skin always looks flawless and fresh so I used Bourjois' Healthy Mix Serum as my base of choice since it's gives that youthful look to my skin. Moving onto concealer, I used a mixture of Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer and the Bourjois Happy Light concealer. I dabbed the Bourjois one under my eyes to cover any dark circles and/or blemishes, and then the Collection one over top just to brighten that area a little. Kylie's contour/highlight isn't half as severe as the other Kardashian sisters. 
I then tackled my brows. I have similar brows to Kylie's anyway so I didn't need to do much to them in terms of shape so I just filled mine in with the usual...Sleek's Eyebrow Stylist and set them in place with Rimmel's Brow This Way.
I powdered my t-zone with Soap & Glory's One Heck of a Blot powder to rid my face of any shine and then focused on my cheeks. Kylie switches it up between really strong colour on her cheeks and barely there colour. Since I'm not going anywhere that would require me to have a really strong blush/contour, I went for the more subtle version. I contoured a little with my Sleek Contour Kit and swept a little of Natural Collection's Peach Melba blush across my cheeks, keeping it focused towards the back of my face since Kylie doesn't tend to wear much of anything on her apples. To finish off the face I brushed some of my favourite highlighter - Soap and Glory's Glow All Out - on the tops of my cheekbones to create a slight sheen.
Progressing to the eyes, Kylie tends to go for a matte brown in the socket and her signature winged eyeliner. I focused Urban Decay's Naked 2 in the crease of my eye with a fluffy brush and then added a little of Urban Decay's Faint just to define it a little more. I then took both shades under the lower lash line, focusing Faint more in the outer half. I then created a cat flick using my Rimmel Glam'Eyes liquid liner aiming to make the liner much thicker then what I'd usually wear and giving it a higher angle. I quickly lined my water line with Rimmel's Scandaleyes kohl pencil in Taupe just to add a little more smokiness to the eye. One of Kylie's main focuses on her face is her lashes, the girl has amazing lashes. I gave my top and bottoms a couple of quick coats of Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Endless and then went in with the falsies. As previously stated, I prefer individual lashes so I popped on a fair few of Eylure's Pro Lash individuals, focusing some of the more longer, wispier ones at the corners. 
Onto the lips, which I'm sure everyone would agree is Kylie's most talked about asset. She denies having had any procedures and that she merely overdraws her lips, but I'm not entirely sure. No one can overdraw their lips that much and have them look as beautiful as hers. But, I digress.
I used a mixture of two lipsticks to create a similiar colour to Kylie's browny-nudey-mauve colour. She has stated that she uses MAC's Whirl lipliner and MAC's Faux lipstick to create her look if you're wanting the exact match. BUT I've found that combining a little of Maybelline's ColorSensational Nude Lipstick in 630 Velvet Beige and a little of Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick in 180 Vintage Pink produces a shade akin to that of Miss Jenner's.

And that's all folks! I hope you liked this post as it's a series I do plan to continue into the future.


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