Sunday 23 March 2014

MAC Rebel.

So my friend Kate and I finished work at the same time last Saturday and we'd decided prior to finishing that we were gonna grab some food at Dogs n Dough. HOWEVER, Kate suddenly springs on me (whilst shopping in Boots where I was very good to not buy anything) that she wants to go to MAC. Now, I'd never been to MAC before because I have no willpower nor self control and I'd be swimming in a bath full of lipsticks and paint pots whilst my rent goes unpaid. As blissful as that sounds, it's certainly not plausible (and yes, it makes me very sad).
So, Kate convinces me that visiting the MAC counter in Selfridges is a good idea and me, being the vulnerable, gullible idiot that I am, decide to go along and not spend any money (BAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHHAHAHA). I get to MAC and I'm suddenly overwhelmed by all the stands full of products and the built in tissue paper holder for when you're testing (Boots; take note) and I want everything, (picture a dog salivating at the thought of food and you can pretty much visualise me when I arrived) but I know I can't have everything, so I slowly move my way through the lipsticks when I come across Rebel. Now Rebel is the MAC lipstick that I've wanted for the longest time, I've never purchased it because, quite frankly, I have many other lipsticks that are pretty much the same colour BUT it was there, staring me in the face, with it's big hefty price tag and I said SOD IT, you're coming home with me! (not to mention, Kate encouraged the idea throughout my entire hesitation episode. BAD INFLUENCE KATE).
But I love it, it's amazing quality and has pretty mint colour pay off (so it should for 15 bloody quid!) and it really does look cracking on! I definitely recommend if you're looking to buy a MAC lipstick OR you're looking to expand your collection and you don't have this one.


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