Friday 1 May 2015

My New Tattoo.

As I'd stated in a previous post - see here - I'd been looking into getting myself a new tattoo. 
As you can tell from the above picture, I finally did. 
I'd talked about the significance and the symbolisation of the Wishbone in the last post and decided it would be a lovely addition to my collection.  
I'm honestly very happy with it.
It's still in the healing process and I'm doing my best to not pick at it - I'm notorious for picking at my tattoos - since it's in such a prominent place I wouldn't want it looking awful. 
I got tattooed at Afflecks Palace in Manchester (the same place I got my Deathly Hallows tatt done) and I really like it there. The tattoos are always done with care, precision and quality and they don't even pick up the needle until you're 100% happy with the picture and placement. 
I'd definitely recommend them if you're ever in the area. 


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