Sunday 26 April 2015

My Go-To Spring/Summer Bases.

Warmer days seem to be remaining pretty consistent in Manchester recently (well, if we're not including next week when it's meant to be chucking it down) and during these hotter occasions, I have to switch up my foundation.
To my fellow oily skin sufferers, you'll understand my pain when I say Spring/Summer can be a total 'mare. Primers become a must and it's next to impossible to remain completely matte throughout the day.
Loreal's Infallible 24h-Matte foundation (£6.99) is a strong favourite of mine. It's been my go-to for the past couple of weeks and I love it so much I now own it in my self-tan shade too. It keeps me matte for an incredible amount of time with the assistance of a primer, blends well and doesn't stick to dry patches (pleasantly surprising for a matte foundation). I 100% recommend.
My second favourite for warmer days is Maybelline's Fit Me foundation (£7.99). I've heard from different people that they find this quite dewy - I find it the complete opposite. I was shocked when I noticed how matte my face still looked when I got home from work on it's test run. I've truly grown to love this drugstore base - and I love the sophisticated simplicity of the bottle. 
Another favourite comes in the form of Bourjois' Happy Light foundation (£11.99). It doesn't keep my face completely matte but powder solves that problem. I love Bourjois bases because they blend so well and never stick to dry patches. Their shade range isn't spectacular but I only have this in my self-tan shade anyway. 
Lastly is an option which is a bit left field and that's NARS' Sheer Glow foundation (£31.00). Even though my skin type is predominantly oily, I do have dry spells with it and Sheer Glow is my go-to for such days. Even when my skin isn't so dry and I want to wear it I just use a mattifying primer - it works both ways. Sheer Glow is no one trick pony - and it shouldn't be for £31.00! 

In all honesty, I do try to avoid foundation during Summer because A, it's not worth the hassle and B, it ends up slipping off anyway. I like to stick to BB Creams or just powder if my skin's having a good day.



  1. So happy that the Maybelline foundation worked for you! I've been wanting to try it out, but was scared it would make my face dewy too.


  2. I have to try the Nars Sheer Glow!

  3. I really want to try a Nars foundation, i do have oily skin so i need to have a look which one is best for me x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. They do a sheer matte version? that might be better suited! xo

  4. I really love Sheer Glow :) I get a little oily too but I don't find it too dewy, it just lets your natural glow shine through xx

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