Monday 23 March 2015

Homie's Day Out at Alton Towers.

Yes, we do refer to ourselves as Homies...we're just cool like that.
Yesterday we all enjoyed a quality day out at Alton Towers. If you're unfamiliar with Alton Towers, it's a major theme park and resort located in Staffordshire, UK. It's pretty expenny to get in but I'd eaten myself through two Goodfella's pepperoni pizzas to get us 2 for 1 tickets - I'm such a good friend. 
This would've marked the first time I'd been to Alton Towers and it hadn't rained - I can't believe how much good weather changes the entire day, I had a reet good time. 
Queuing wasn't too bad either, other than The Smiler which we queued about 45/50 minutes for (and then pretty much walked straight on later on in the day - typical) all the other rides had a wait time of no more than ten minutes. Result. 
Point being, I had a really good day out with my closest chummy's - well, my face looks pretty happy on The Smiler there (thanks to Kate for managing to snap that picture). 
Also thanks to Charlie for driving and to Heather for SatNav-ing - this girl can find her way to anywhere. 

Also Kate, I'm proud of you girl for getting yourself on The Smiler and Rita considering you hate rollercoasters. Woo. 
If you're ever stuck for a day out with some money to burn get yourself to Alton Towers, you'll have one hell of a time - It started off my 12 day vacay from work nicely indeed. 



  1. I'm a changed woman - unless it involves a vertical drop.


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