Friday 20 February 2015

A special place in my Heart...

So this is going to be a pretty short and snappy post just because I've already raved about these products on my blog for some time now. I've probably featured at least one of these in every other post. 
These are the products that I hold nearest and dearest and would be, quite frankly, lost without them in my collection. 
First up is obviously Batiste dry shampoo. I freakin' love this stuff! 
Yes, it can leave a white cast to the hair...Yes, it does make my hair feel a little bit straw-like but no other dry shampoo works like it. It truly does make third or even fourth day hair look almost as good as new.
Obviously Bourjois' Healthy Mix foundation has etched itself onto my ticker - this is my all time favourite foundation, even over my high end ones. It blends beautifully, doesn't cling to dry patches and always makes my complexion look faultless. It's just good skin in a bottle.
Everyone must know by now that the one lip balm I can never be without is Carmex - the original in the tub form, not the squidgey tube. This stuff has saved my lips on a number of occasions. Slap this baby on before bed and wake up with the softest pout you've ever had.
Again, as I've previously stated numerous times, I've been using Simple skincare for years - it's the brand my Mum swears by. I've been using their Hydrating Light Moisturiser for literally as long as I can remember, it adds a healthy dose of hydration to the skin without the greasiness and it works beautifully under makeup.
Last but by no means least is the cult classic, Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer. I'm always sure to have at least two of these in my makeup stash - for the price it's just amazing. It covers redness and blemishes without a hitch and actually comes in a shade light enough for my skintone. There's a reason this bad boy's a favourite - I just wish the packaging didn't rub off so darn quickly.

I'll probably be using these for quite possibly the rest of my life - God forbid they ever discontinue any of them.



  1. I love all of these products and like you they all have a special place in my heart too! x

  2. Simples hydration with SPF is my favourite summer moisturizer it's so light great for the summer time!


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