Tuesday 9 December 2014

The Handbag Kit for Emergencies.

We all have those days where we seem to be in need of something that we don't have on our person at that moment in time, resulting in us nipping into boots for some painkillers only to emerge hours later with the same banging headache but 5 nail polishes better off.
I seem to have these days more frequently than others, so I've compiled a little bag of things things that I carry around with me since no doubt, I'll need at least one of these on a daily basis.

Tissues are a must, not only for blowing your nose but also for wiping your hands or any spillages in the facial area - again, this happens to me alot, not ashamed in the slightest. Life's short, eat fast.
I got my hands on these ones from, I think it was somewhere like Bargain Buys, and people are fascinated by them. It's hilarious. I've genuinely had friends who've looked on in horror as I've blown my nose into a £20 pound note before they've realised.
Next up is dry shampoo. Now my hair isn't constantly dirty that I need to use this stuff everyday for cleansing purposes, I just like the texture and volume it gives and nothing's better than a quick refresh when you've been out all day. I've really been enjoying the CoLab dry shampoo which has been developed by Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends. I love it, it may even surpass my love for Batiste...
Deodorant is another I like to carry around, but I only use this on my really busy days like work and shopping. Again, just for a quick refresh. I also like to carry around a perfume in my makeup bag. A couple of my favourites include Giorgio Armani Diamonds and Lady Gaga's Fame
Hand sanitiser and hand cream tend to go hand in hand. Hand sanitiser for obvious reasons - now I'm not a germophobe nor a hypochondriac, but when I do actually put thought into the germ count on public door handles I'll admit it freaks me out a little. I also seem to have chronically dry hands from working in retail so a nourishing hand cream is a must - I like the Nivea Rescue and Care hand balm.
Paracetamol is another given in my handbag. I'm like a walking pharmacist, I always keep painkillers on me because I suffer from quite severe headaches from time to time. Not fun. It's important that I always have some sort of painkiller on me. I keep spare boxes everywhere - handbag, car and the occasionally coat pocket. 
Powder and a hairbrush are also obvious for us girls. Powder because you can't be letting that oily skin get the better of you on that 24 hour shopping trip and a hairbrush because if like me, you tend to tease your hair knots can form quite easily. I've had knots so bad that I've had to cut them out of my hair, no joke. It's a good job I have so much of it or else I'd have probably been bald by the age of 17. 

Just a few things I like to take out on any day ventures I may have. Although not always needed in emergencies, it makes me feel more justified in carrying around 2 smaller bags in my already half full handbag. It's like inception for bags.



  1. I always make sure i have powder! I also carry a small pack of baby wipes mainly for when im in boots! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. I got most of these so I should be okay heeh. Great post xox


  3. these are literally all the must have essentials! I don't think i could live without dry shampoo! x

    I've got a mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look :)



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