Thursday 4 December 2014

A Contouring Calamity.

I love a good contour, me. Anything that makes me look carved from stone with the cheekbones of Cara Delevingne I'm all for, really. 
I really got into contouring about 6-8 months ago now. Not like full on Kim K contouring, but a little under-eye highlight and a bit of shadow in the hollows of your cheeks never hurt nobody.
I contour everyday. I have to now, it's my thang
I like to keep it fairly subtle during daylight hours, a slight shadow beneath the cheekbones, on the sides of my forehead and below my jawline just to add a bit of definition back into my face.
I don't heavily contour unless I'm going on a night out - then I slap that baby on and give myself cheekbones to make Maleficent jealous (I'm kidding, I'm kidding).

My first foray into the chaos of contouring was with the NYX Blush in taupe. I'd heard from many bloggers/youtubers that this was a good one to use if you were pale and Lord knows, I'm as pale as they come. I fell in love with it's light, ashy tones and I'm currently on my third one. It's my go-to contour shade since it's difficult to put too much of it on.
After I'd gotten the proper hang of it (don't believe what you hear, contouring is bloody hard to get the hang of), I started looking for other products that could do the job. Enter the Sleek Contour Kit - a contour and highlight in one. Darker in colour than the NYX blush and a little warmer in tone, but still lovely to use on pale skin.
My only cream contour comes in the form of Seventeen's Instant Glow. A warm toned, easy-to-use cream bronzer that can be used for d├ęcolletage too. I really do love this one, even though it's not extremely pigmented it works because it's hard to apply too much. It's always easier to add than take away. A good starter product for people who are looking to getting into contour. 
The Seventeen Define & Conquer is also another good'un for starter contouring. It comes with a highlight powder and a contour powder. The highlight powder isn't great, but it does set under-eye concealer amazingly and adds a little luminosity but the contour shade I really like. It's on the warmer side so not great for really pale skintones but if used wisely and sparingly, can be made to work. I also really love the packaging for this one - sturdy, travel friendly and very Nars-like.
Last up is a new favourite, Benefit's Hoola. An ashy toned matte bronzer that works excellently as a contour shade and to just add general warmth to the complexion. Not in everyone's budget but definitely worth the money. Save your Christmas pennies for this one.

Contouring still remains one of the more scarier aspects of makeup - thanks Kim - but honestly, anyone can learn to master it. It just takes time and practice.
Trust me, if I can do it, you lot can.



  1. I love Hoola but my favorite to contour is Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powered is amazing!


  2. I'll need to try some of these out! love a good contour but i have the same problem as you - pale skin! i like to use a pressed powder thats a few shades lighter than my natural colour, i find it works quite well :) lovely post, pretty amusing, made me chuckle in a few places:)

  3. I'd love to be able to contour but I find it so difficult! I love Hoola as a bronzer though :)

    Heather x


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